District Roger Sherman Medal

Summary:  Authorized in 2013, the District Roger Sherman Medal may be awarded by the incumbent Vice Presidents General to a compatriot in recognition of, and in appreciation for, outstanding services rendered to a District. The medal is presented to a compatriot for significant service which lacks the requirements for the Meritorious Service Medal. This Medal is named after Roger Sherman (1721-1793), who was a founding father, and the only person to sign all four Congressional papers of the United States: the Continental Association, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.  The medal is antique silver in color and bears on the obverse a portrait of Roger Sherman, with the inscription “Roger Sherman Medal.” The reverse of the medal is inscribed “In Appreciation for Service to the SAR.” It is suspended from a chest ribbon of blue, white and red.

Subsequent Presentation: Oak leaf clusters are authorized. To be awarded an oak leaf cluster, a Compatriot would have to provide subsequent service to the Association satisfying the above requirements.

 Roger Sherman Medal

Recipients of the District Roger Sherman Medal

Troy L. Foxwell (DESSAR)
R. Duane Tackitt (MDSSAR)

None Presented



Donald Mengle (PASSAR)
Richard A. McGeary (PASSAR)