Gold AMSA Service Medal

Summary: Authorized in 2013, the Gold AMSA Medal is awarded to members of the Atlantic Middle States Association in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service and leadership to the Atlantic Middle States Association. The obverse of each medal bears a depiction of a militia soldier of the American Revolution flanked on the left by the outlines of Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware, and on the right by the outlines of Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The inscription “Atlantic Middle States Association” appears at the top above six stars, representing the six states from the region that fought for independence. The medal is suspended from a chest ribbon of blue, buff and red, representing the colors of the Continental army’s uniform coat (blue) and facings (buff for New York and New Jersey, red for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia). The medal is available in both large and miniature versions. Only four medals may be presented each year. The Gold AMSA Service Medal ranks below all NSSAR Medals, but above all other District or State Society Medals.

Criteria: The Gold AMSA medal may be presented to the following three types of individuals:

  1. A Vice President General (of either district) provided that he: (a) Attends and provides leadership to the AMS Conference held during his term of office; (b) Attends all National Society meetings during his term of office (including the Congresses commencing and completing his term) to report on his respective district; and (c) attends at least one meeting or event in each state society of his respective district during the year;
  2. AMSA Conference Chairman and/or Vice Chairman (up to two authorized per year) (see Note); and
  3. Other individuals or District officers (as such may be established) who have provided at least three years’ service to the District (see Note).

Note: For individuals in category 2 or 3, the presiding Vice President General may upgrade the award and present the District Meritorious Service Medal or the District Roger Sherman Medal if such service warranted the presentation.

Subsequent Presentation: Oak leaf clusters are authorized. To be awarded an oak leaf cluster, a Compatriot would have to provide subsequent service to the Association satisfying the above requirements; provided, however, that the VPG (North Atlantic) may only receive the medal once for service as a Vice President General if elected to two consecutive one-year terms.

Retroactive Award Rules: A former Vice President General of either district or any individual who served at least three years as Secretary, Webmaster, Parliamentarian or Color Guard Commander for the Association may petition the incumbent Vice Presidents General for presentation of the Gold Medal, unless he already received recognition for his service. The look-back period for any presentation described in this paragraph is 2010. The medal is not presented posthumously.



A Compatriot may be placed in nomination for the Gold AMSA Service Medal by submitting this form
to the District Secretary.  If selected by the Vice Presidents General, a Compatriot will
receive his medal at the next AMSA Annual Conference.


Recipients of the Gold AMSA Service Medal

Troy L. Foxwell (DESSAR)
Peter K Goebel (ESSSAR)
Scott Schewmaker (DCSSAR)
Davis Lee Wright (DESSAR)

C. Louis Raborg (MDSSAR)
J. Thomas Showler (PASSAR)


Mark S. Brennan (VASSAR)
George A. Jones (DESSAR)

Michael J. Elston (VASSAR)