AMS Membership Medals

The Atlantic Middle States Association Membership Medals recognize Compatriots who are members (primary or dual) of the North Atlantic District (New Jersey and New York) and the Mid-Atlantic District (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia). The medals encourage participation by Compatriots in the Association’s affairs and attendance at meetings of the Atlantic Middle States Association. Ultimately, the goal of the AMS Membership Medal is to enhance cooperation between and among the Compatriots and State Societies of the Atlantic Middle States Association.

The AMS Membership Medal is awarded in both a Bronze and Silver Level. The specific requirements for each medal are detailed on the linked pages. The obverse of each medal bears a depiction of a militia soldier of the American Revolution flanked on the left by the outlines of Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware, and on the right by the outlines of Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The inscription “Atlantic Middle States Association” appears at the top above six stars, representing the six states from the region that fought for independence. The medal is suspended from a chest ribbon of blue, buff and red, representing the colors of the Continental army’s uniform coat (blue) and facings (buff for New York and New Jersey, red for Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia). The medal is available in both large and miniature versions.

The Silver and Bronze AMSA Membership Medals rank directly below all NSSAR Medals and the Gold AMSA Service Medal, but above any State Society Medals. Between the two, the Silver Membership Medal has the higher precedence.

Bronze Membership Medal

Silver Membership Medal