Silver AMSA Membership Medal


Summary: The Silver AMSA Medal is awarded by the Secretary of the Atlantic Middle States Association to a Compatriot, who also qualifies for the Bronze Medal, in recognition of his attendance at one (1) AMSA Annual Conference in each of the seven (7) constituent State Societies. Colloquially called “Completing the Cycle,” a Compatriot may satisfy this requirement in seven consecutive years or in non-consecutive attendance, so long as a Compatriot ultimately attends a Conference hosted by each of the seven State Societies. Compatriots earning this medal are acknowledged in the Conference Report Booklet.

Criteria: A Compatriot wishing to purchase this medal must provide documentation of his membership in an AMSA State Society and his attendance at seven AMSA Annual Conferences (one in each State Society) to the AMSA Secretary.

Wear: Any authorized Compatriot may purchase and wear this medal. Authorized Compatriots are encouraged to purchase and wear the Silver Medal.

Subsequent Presentation: Oak leaf clusters are authorized. To be awarded an oak leaf cluster, a Compatriot would have to complete a subsequent cycle.

Retroactive Award Rules: The AMSA authorized the Silver Medal at the 2013 Annual Conference. Individuals who attended Annual Conferences beginning in 2007 are eligible for the Silver Medal. The authorized conferences are: Annapolis, MD (2007); Princeton, NJ (2008); Rochester, NY (2009); Philadelphia, PA (2010); Alexandria, VA (2011); Newark, DE (2012); Washington, DC (2013); Hunt Valley, MD (2014); Bridgewater, NJ (2015); Albany, NY (2016); Gettysburg, PA (2017); and Newport News, VA (2018).

Qualified Compatriots may submit this form to the District Secretary requesting
presentation of the Silver AMSA Membership Medal at a future AMS Meeting.

The following Compatriots of the Atlantic Middle States Association are known to have received the Silver AMSA Membership Medal:

Davis Lee Wright (DESSAR) – 2013 C. Louis Raborg (MDSSAR) -2014 David W. Hoover (MDSSAR) – 2014
J. Thomas Showler (PASSAR) – 2016 John Sinks (DCSSAR) – 2017 Gary M. Neal (MDSSAR) – 2018