Upcoming Meetings

The Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia Societies of the Sons of the American Revolution meet annually during the second weekend in August.  Each State Society is responsible for hosting the Atlantic Middle States Conference once every seven years.

Information is generally available between twelve and eighteen months prior to the meeting.  Conference information will be posted on this website.

Upcoming conferences of the Atlantic Middle States Association:

Year Host Society Location Date Additional Information
2019 Delaware Newark, DE 9-11 August 2019 Information Available
2020 District of Columbia August 2020 Please Check Back
2021 Maryland August 2021 Please Check Back
2022 New Jersey August 2022 Please Check Back
2023 Empire State August 2023 Please Check Back
2024 Pennsylvania August 2024 Please Check Back
2025 Virginia TBD August 2025 Please Check Back